A student union, also known as a student association, is a group run by students in colleges and universities. Its main agenda is to offer the entire student community fair conditions and a voice. They do this by providing a range of services to help support all students, such as lobbying for their interests and offering various recreational, social, and cultural activities.

They can also advocate for improved academic policies, better student facilities, and higher financial aid.

Thus, making sure they enhance the educational experience of every student. Besides voicing students’ needs and interests, the student union offers much more.

It provides opportunities for students to thrive and gain practical experience in various areas, improve their management skills, and train them on how to set their goals, the best way to achieve them, and how to manage resources.

Thus, this helps them prepare for the future and get into their careers and offers them networking opportunities.
Read on to learn more about “what is students union for,” black student unions, student union building, and much more.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion 

One of the crucial roles of the student union is representing the entire student body. More so, to ensure that everyone in the learning institution, regardless of their race, religion, ability, health, gender identification, sex, ability, or practices, feels included.

When students feel like part of the learning center, they will likely engage in campus life, thus creating a better sense of community. Diversity inclusion will also prepare students to make it in a global society, giving them the skills to navigate this multicultural world.

  • Funding for Student Services and Facilities

There are times when the school funding is not enough to meet the needs of every student. When this happens, most colleges and universities will prioritize where they will spend their money, leaving other areas in the learning facilities needing to be addressed.

That is where the student unions come in. They will lobby to increase funds so every student gets what they need to make it to their career.

  • Health and Safety

A campus should be where everyone feels safe from discrimination, bullying, theft, or other insecurities. The student body’s job is to identify any issues that threaten the safety of the student’s health and well-being –  and work to ensure that proper security is offered.

This body will also show that every student in the facility has proper access to health care services when they are in the establishment. So, they will work with the administrators to ensure appropriate policies on how students will access health care. 

  • Housing and Transportation

All students have a right to affordable and safe housing, and it is the work of the student union to see to it that all the students, whether on or off campus, have it. The body will also find solutions for students experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.

  • Academic Policies

The main reason people attend college is to achieve good academic performance, which is one reason why student unions also check to ensure the educational policies put in place are fair and effective. They do this by reviewing the policy set and pointing out weak areas that need improvement. 

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What Is a Student Union Building and What Does It Offer?

A student union building is a physical building found in colleges and universities designated to offer various student resources.

A well-established student union building should have sufficient amenities and resources to help in supporting the academic and social needs of all the campus students.

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It should also be an area where all students feel welcome and can gather and connect. It needs to offer a colorful and fun campus community. Though the needs of the students can vary from one learning institution to another, here is what to expect in a student union building.
• Study area
• Offices for student organizations
• Recreational area
• Counseling services
• Guidance and counselor
• Meeting room
• Dining area
• Health centers
• Bookstores

What Is a Student Union in College?

Student unions in colleges are organizations with selected leaders among the college students to ensure that student’s needs are complied with.

The body is designed to defend the student’s rights and experience. It works in the same way that a workplace union would work – that it campaigns for the rights of its members

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What is Students Union For in Colleges?

The body listens to issues from the students and brings them to the attention of the university, the National Union of Students, and The Government. Note that even though the student unit has various members like a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and others, one person from the union usually tables the multiple complaints from the students.

The body will also help students broaden their horizons by creating fun activities in the school facility. These include sports, day trips, parties, night outs, and fresher fairs where new members can join as many clubs and societies as they want.

Additionally, if you set up your social club, they can help you achieve it. In addition, if you have personal issues like poor finance management, poor mental health, or you are not feeling well, society will guide you on who to speak about to get your affairs in order.

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Learn How to Join Student Union

Different institutions use different criteria to allow students to join the student union. Therefore, if you consider joining one, you must check with your campus and determine the requirement.

Note that there will be a minimum GPA that you will need to attain. Some might have a particular qualification that they check based on the student’s academic program.
Generally, most institutions will require you to register with the student on campus, which requires you to pay a certain fee.

Make sure you pay on time so you do not miss the deadline. Additionally, you might also have to enroll in a certain number of credit hours.

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What Are the Benefits of Joining the Student Union?

If you are wondering whether it is worth it, here are some things you will gain when you join the student union.

1) Adequate Resources

The student union building has various resources to help you enjoy your campus life as much as possible. When you get to the building, you will likely connect with other students with your interests, and you might even start a club or organization. At the same time, this building has experts who will talk to and counsel you in case you have any issues you might face in college.

2) Help Solve Student Problems

The other reason to consider joining the union is to help you understand and solve any legal or political issues you might have as a student on your campus. Even if you do not have any issues, you have a chance to listen to the problems that other students have and help them out. Besides being helpful, joining the club can help you socialize, make friends and grow your circle. Thus, this will help give you a sense of achievement.

3) Community Involvement

As much as the student union mainly works for students, they organize community services and projects and volunteer to work. Being part of an organization looking for ways to impact people’s lives positively can give you a sense of achievement.

4) Improve Your Resume

When in college, most people do not think much about student unions. They do not know that the service they give can be valuable in their resume and might open opportunities to future employment opportunities.

5) Discounts

Some student unions will offer discounts on textbooks, local businesses, and college or university services. So, if you join the student union, it will help you save money on college expenses

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What Influence Does Student Union Have Across Different Countries?

Though student bodies were first established in America, it is now standard across all global learning institutions. However, different factors such as social context, politics, and culture significantly impact how these bodies operate. That is why you will likely find some countries where these bodies have a limited role.

However, it does not matter the student union’s limitations; it can play a significant role in changing the student’s campus experience in the university or college. Note that even a small change could significantly impact the students.

Different countries will allow student unions to focus on cultural and social activities without dealing with political aspects. Therefore, learning your country’s rules is essential before joining


There you have it! Now you can answer questions like, what is a student union? And what is a student union for? The importance of having a student union in a college or university is evident in this article.

This body presents all the students in the facility and ensures that their needs are met.

They will voice their concerns in case of any issues until a viable solution is found. For instance, the earlier section on what is black student union and what it does reveals that the body will lobby for all the black students in the schools to ensure they are not isolated, ignored, or threatened.

Questions and Answers

What is a student union member?

It is a pre-selected group of students with the competencies to help and solve necessary tasks and problems.

How is problem solving done in a student union?

Each question or problem is carefully studied and then a collective council is adopted with the best solution for each individual case.