The student council’s tasks are varied to share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the school administration and their teachers. In addition to this, they also help raise funds for their activities, social events, community projects, school reforms, and helping those in need.

The greatest importance of the student council is that students make a precious contribution to the development of school activities. Making them feel involved in decisions and tasks is a fundamental part of learning and improves academic standards.

The Vice Presidents work with the President on all issues and can stand in for the President if he is absent. They also coordinate and work with the other groups and encourage students to come up with ideas and set a positive example for all the students. The Vice Presidents will regularly meet with the Principal and other council members over improvement.

Serving as student council vice president provides valuable leadership experience that can be beneficial in future endeavors, such as running for class president or student government at the college level.

Planning and coordinating events and activities for the student council requires strong organizational skills, which can be developed and honed as a student council vice president.

As a student council vice president, you can connect with administrators, teachers, and staff, which could help open doors in the future.

Although the student council often has several vice presidents because it has many important areas that need to be delegated. 

The most common roles are:

  • Vice President, Internal Affairs (VPIA)
  • Vice President, Finance (VPF)
  • Vice President, Education (VPED)

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is the society’s chief programming and communications officer. They are responsible for establishing a sense of rapport with the membership in a way that complements the work of the other Executive roles.

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is ultimately responsible for fostering a sense of identity and community through events and a communications strategy that engages the student body. 

The Vice President (Internal Affairs) is charged with discovering new ways of not only how the membership can get involved with the Society but also with how the Society can be more responsive to the Membership’s needs and desires.

Their main duties include planning, which engages and promotes the well-being of the Membership; overseeing all internal communications between the Society and its members; and promoting and facilitating first-year affairs and programming within the Society.

Vice President, Finance (VPF)

The VP of Finance attends and contributes to all meetings and is allotted one vote. The VP of Finance is primarily responsible for managing the council’s finances, processing expenses and reimbursements, and producing reports on expenses to present at the university’s monthly General Council meetings.

Over the summer, the VP of Finance and President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, Standing Committees, and Working Groups, prepare the annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year to be approved no later than the October General Council meeting.

At the last General Council meeting of the Council’s term, the VP of Finance and President are responsible for preparing a report detailing expenses for the year.

The VP of Finance is also responsible for applying for grant funding from the government each fall, keeping a detailed, accurate ledger of finances, and preparing and submitting the annual student society audit to the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students.

The VP of Finance, along with the President and all other Vice President positions, is also a member of the university. The Executive is responsible for the council’s day-to-day operations and high-level decisions about strategy and goals for each academic year.

Vice President, Education (VPED)

The VPED has the important role of maintaining internal communication with students, university management, and faculty and acting as a liaison between them on all academic matters.

He attends all academic meetings and matters relating to students in the Faculty of Health and reports all relevant information to council members.

Researches and issues reports on all policy matters affecting the University Council, as well as implementing strategies and policy statements on such matters is also his job.

He liaises with the appropriate department representative between undergraduate students and external governing bodies (such as various associations).

VPED also organizes any academic events or meetings with the event director.

10 The Most Important Functions of The Student Council

  1. Work like a congress

The student body may have a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, an orderly person, fundraisers, and representatives. These roles can be assigned or chosen by vote for the entire student body.

There are usually students from different years on the council, although each course may have a student council.

The President is responsible for presiding over all meetings, guiding other board members, serving as moderator during discussions, and maintaining constant contact with school administration and teachers.

So, what does a Vice President do in student council? The Vice President, for his part, must work alongside the President in every task and carry out his tasks when necessary. They should prepare a meeting schedule and budget together. The Vice President collaborates closely with the President to understand their vision, priorities, and goals for the student council. The Vice President assumes a leadership role in the President’s absence, ensuring continuity in executing council initiatives and activities.

  1. Committee leadership

The student council oversees and leads specific committees or subgroups within the student council, ensuring each committee effectively works towards its objectives. The student council Vice President delegate tasks, set deadlines, and facilitate communication within committees. The Vice President may also have a secretary who must keep records of all meetings and transmit this information to all student council members. This person is also responsible for all council information files. In addition, another council member, the treasurer, must monitor the income and expenses of the student council and always maintain detailed and understandable financial reports. The treasurer authorizes any payment or deposits received and participates in budget planning.

  1. Serve to raise funds for the school

There are no financial resources allocated for student councils. Typically, they manage to raise money by doing community events such as car washes, selling homemade food (pizza, cookies, etc.) or other types of events (parties, charity sales, festivals).

  1. Introduce new ideas in school

Through the Student Council, students can express their ideas and thoughts on topics that affect all students in the school. For example, change the lunch menu to a healthier and more varied one, allocate places for parking bicycles and much more.

  1. Plan activities

The Student Council can help plan events for the school itself and each course. These activities are carried out in different ways, depending on the decisions made by the student council. Thanks to this organization, it is possible for all students to vote on the ideas that will be implemented and plan all aspects before their implementation. For example, these activities could include visiting orphanages or nursing homes, where each student must coordinate and bring a gift from home.

5. Defend students’ interests

The student council is the voice of students before the school administration, teachers and parents.

Among the duties of student council vice president are also to present students’ problems and needs, implement necessary changes or solutions, and help students to be heard and considered.

  1. Participate in developing educational projects

Among the student council vice president responsibilities are developing any project the school implements and disseminating it to all students. For example, holding sports or art program days, cultural cycles, knowledge Olympiads and other activities.

  1. Organize activities for all students

One of the most important functions of the Vice President in student council is to develop recreational activities in that all students can enjoy and be entertained. Some good ideas for these events are bonfire camps, school costume contests, movie nights, music festivals, etc.

  1. Develop activities among council members

It is important that the student council members also manage to strengthen their skills and have fun as they have to work together during all weeks throughout the year.

Age and course differences can be problematic, so the student council should also plan activities for its members. Some ideas are to cook dinners, exchange secret Christmas gifts, take symbolic photos with costumes, make lunches. What matters is that they have fun together, and their bond grows stronger.

  1. Welcome new students

Every year, the student council’s job is to welcome new students who enroll in the school and hold a small welcome meeting.

In it, you can tell them about the basic rules of the school, the activities carried out, and the location of the school infrastructure (bathrooms, library, auditorium, etc.) and help them with everything they may need during their adaptation.

  1. Develop fundraising events for the community or people who suffer

The student council Vice President may dedicate part of activities to fundraising to help the community or hold days of helping people in need. For example, host community dinners where people can attend for free, and food is served.

Here are some more examples of student government in action:

  • in California, a group of elementary school students in 2019 convinced the mayor to install new street lights and pavement sidewalks to make it safe to walk to and from school;
  • in Arizona, the student council annually provides gift baskets of food, books, and games to needy families. For Thanksgiving 2021, they collected 38 baskets and donated over $3,000 in gift cards;
  • in Florida, 15-year-old student council president Mahoro Amani pushed for her school to provide free hygiene kits for school bathrooms in 2021.

How to Create Vice President Campaign: 5 Steps

  1. Understand your own abilities and talents

Are you a natural-born leader who attracts people? Are you a system person who understands how things function or a people person who understands who talks to whom and how to use that information? Are you popular among freshmen and sophomores or exclusively among the in-crowd?

  1. Examine the campaign’s requirements

Your school may need student council candidates to have a certain GPA or to be in a specific grade. Check these requirements thoroughly before running for vice president student council. Contact the student council faculty advisor, who will know these criteria. 

  1. Create posters

You may make your Vice President student council posters as plain or as flashy as you want. It may be beneficial to observe what others are doing and then do the opposite – for example, if everyone is making bright, big, flashy posters, design a simpler but still recognizable poster. If everyone else is going neutral, be bold! This will assist you in standing out.

  1. Write a speech

The most crucial element of your campaign will be giving a Vice President student council speech in front of your class or school, explaining why they should vote for you.

Begin by telling them about yourself. Consider that not everyone knows who you are, so it is a good idea to introduce yourself, and keeping it basic will help them remember you. Explain them why you’re the best candidate for Vice President and how you intend to implement all your promises. This should be brief and concise: state your main point and how you want to address it. Much of the information can be left to your handouts and interactions with your classmates.

Use presentation to add weight to your speech. After all, it can be difficult to convey a clear message with posters and flyers alone. You can utilize graphics to highlight issues you want to address, make jokes, and convey visual information that people will remember long after the presentation is complete. 

Finish the speech with your Vice President slogans for student council. That will allow your peers to connect the posters in the corridor to you and your plans.

  1. Create a few catchy campaign slogans

Don’t just write “Vote for John” on a poster and stick it all over the school corridors. That won’t go you very far. You should create something clever that will set you apart from the competitors. Look for extremely humorous ones on the internet, or enlist the help of your pals to make something from scratch. Make sure to include your main concern in your slogan. It should reflect your motivation and values. Remember, it could be the only thing your classmates hear about you, so make it count. Your campaign slogan can be funny or serious but it should be straightforward. 

Good Slogans For Student Council Vice President

Creating memorable and impactful student council campaign slogans for Vice President is essential to communicate your vision and resonate with your electorate. The best slogans are short and imaginative. A slogan must be catchy and help get the word out quickly about the campaign. Here are some catchy and positive slogans to inspire your campaign:

  • “Your Voice, Your Vision, Your Vice President!”
  • “Inspire Change, Elect John for Vice President!”
  • “Your Ideas, Our Future – John for Vice President!”
  • “Rise Higher with John for Vice President!”
  • “Elevate Student Voices – Vote John for Vice President!”
  • “Together We Achieve – John for Vice President!”

Your slogan can help boost your campaign. Some candidates can take the time to make a slogan that is specific to their year. Others might go with a touch of humor. Regardless of your strategy, your slogan should reflect your commitment to the office.

When creating your slogan, consider incorporating elements that reflect your personality, values, and the positive impact you aspire to bring to the student council. A memorable slogan can leave a lasting impression and resonate with your mates as they vote.

Follow Up On the Election

If you are chosen, there are a few things you need to do right away before starting work as Vice President:

  1. Thank you to your volunteers. Thank everyone who assisted you with your campaign. You can either do this in person or by writing thank you notes. 
  2. Take down any campaign materials. Take down your posters and pick up any handouts that are still lying about. This is especially crucial if your institution has policies regarding when this must be completed. 
  3. Congratulate your competitors. This will show your good upbringing and will be a good contribution to maintaining your reputation if you decide to run for reelection.

Student Council Vice President Poster Ideas

Creating an eye-catching and engaging poster for a Vice President of student council  campaign is crucial to grab the attention of your fellow students. Here are some creative and effective poster ideas:

  • Use a bold and catchy slogan that reflects your vision
  • Incorporate vibrant colors, visually appealing graphics, and high-quality images to make your poster stand out. Consider using the school colors for a cohesive look
  • Create a collage that shows your diverse interests and activities. Include images representing academics, sports, arts, and community service to highlight your well-rounded personality
  • Include a photo of yourself and a personal message introducing who you are and why you’re running for Vice President. This helps students better connect with you 
  • Design unique campaign logo or symbol that represents your campaign. This can help in branding and creating a memorable visual identity
  • Use simple infographics to convey your key messages and goals. This could include charts or graphs that represent your plans and achievements
  • Add interactive elements such as tear-off tabs with contact information or QR codes linking to your campaign website or social media profiles
  • Include positive and motivational quotes that resonate with your campaign message. Make sure they align with the values you want to bring to the student council
  • Experiment with creative typography to make your poster visually appealing. Play with font sizes, styles, and arrangements to draw attention to important information
  • Use icons and symbols that represent your campaign promises. For example, a speech bubble for effective communication or a handshake for collaboration
  • Create a timeline graphic illustrating your goals and plans for the school year. This helps students visualize your agenda and what you hope to achieve as Vice President
  • Include a section where students can write down questions or suggestions. This shows your openness to communication and involvement with your peers
  • If appropriate for your personality and campaign theme, add a touch of humor to your poster. A well-placed joke or witty remark can make your poster memorable
  • Display your campaign hashtag or social media handles to encourage students to follow you for updates and additional engagement.

10 More Ideas For Events And Campaigns of a Vice President in A Student Council

Here are some examples and cases illustrating the role of Vice President in student council:

  • Initiating Mental Health Awareness Programs

Example. Recognizing the importance of mental health, the Vice President proposed and led initiatives to raise awareness and destigmatize mental health issues. They organized workshops and invited guest speakers.

  • Innovative Communication Strategies

Example. As part of their campaign, the Vice President utilized innovative communication strategies, such as creating engaging social media content and hosting virtual Questions&Answers sessions. 

  • Establishing Peer Mentorship Programs

Example. Recognizing the need for academic support, the Vice President proposed and implemented a peer mentorship program. This initiative were good for connecting senior students with freshmen to provide guidance and foster a sense of community.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Example. The Vice President championed diversity and inclusion by introducing cultural exchange programs, celebrating heritage months, and advocating for inclusivity in school policies. 

  • Effective Handling of Student Grievances

Example. When students raised concerns about certain school policies, the Vice President gathered feedback, organized town hall meetings, and effectively communicated student grievances to the school administration, resulting in a constructive dialogue and policy adjustments.

So, what does Vice President do in student council? This is an intensive and demanding role, which requires complete commitment, effective leadership, collaboration to improve the student experience and positively impact the school community. 

Final Thoughts

Former US President Ronald Reagan was elected leader at Law College in Illinois as a student. Two-time presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton credits her experience in student government at Wellesley College in Massachusetts with preparing her for public service. 

So, what does a student council vice president do? All over the world, the Vice President represents students’ interests in the administration of their educational institutions. Universities offer real-world experience in government for interested students. Their peers typically elect them for a term of one academic year. But the skills they learn often help them throughout their careers.

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