Student Universe is a platform that was started in 2000 that allows students to get cheap flights, hotels, and rental cars. The Student Universe platform negotiates directly with the airlines and hotel management to get discounts that students can enjoy.

Ideally, it is a platform that allows students to save up with their limited cash flows. Additionally, students get promo codes on top of the discounts. Therefore, they can use their promo codes during their next booking.

Student Universe allows risk-free cancellation as you can cancel a flight for free within 24 hours of booking and a hotel 24 hours before arrival. Therefore, there is not much inconvenience for both parties.

In this article, we will cover, what is Student Universe, why is Student Universe so cheap, how does Student Universe work, the advantages of Student Universe, what is Student Universe travel, what is Student Universe pending, and what is the Student Universe reservation code.

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Why Is Student Universe So Cheap?

Student Universe is so cheap since the management has made negotiations with more than 90 airlines to offer exclusive discounts to students. Therefore, it becomes easier to live your travel dream as a student. These kinds of partnerships with airlines, hotels, and rental car companies are what make the platform offer such discounts.

Additionally, Student Universe is so cheap since it is mostly designated for students. Students don’t have a steady flow of income and this can make them afraid to travel or even have short trips with their friends. That’s why Student Universe is so cheap to accommodate them.

As a student, you might even end up just paying half of the amount while using Student Universe to make reservations. You should have a better overview of what is Student Universe by now and the great benefits it brings forth.

Can Anyone Use Student Universe?

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Yes, both adults and students can use Student Universe platform. However, most of the discounts and deals are only meant for students and youth. Yes, there are some discounts for adults, but most are for students.

For example, airplane ticket discounts may only be given to students above 15 years – since there are some terms that you need to agree to. All the airlines, hotels, and tour operators have their personalized requirements for the products that they offer. Therefore, your account type or age may determine what you are eligible for. To check eligibility, you will need to create an account.

Before using the platform, they will need to verify your student or faculty status. This is to prevent giving a discount to the public which should rightfully be for students. Through verification, a student can then enjoy more discounts and deals.

There is also the Youth Fares that applies to those between 16–25 years and are not students. However, if you are a student, it is better to apply as one. Also, if you are an adult, the platform still allows booking with Student Universe but with adult charges. Furthermore, students from non-UK schools can still make purchases if their school is listed on the site after accreditation.

If you are wondering what is the cut off age for Student Universe, well for students and youth, it is up to 25 years. However, adults can still book using the platform.

What Is Student Universe Flights?

Student Universe flights are discounted to meet the needs of students. However, to qualify to purchase a ticket, you must be a student or faculty member of a government-accredited college or university. You don’t need to be attending school full-time, but at least be enrolled.

The Youth fares also allow anyone between 16-25 who is not a student to get access to the Student Universe flights. Adults can also book but don’t get discounts. However, to access some flights there are some age requirements you might need to meet. Luckily, verified students can be able to get discounts on flights globally. It is easy to get cheap flights through the platform.

It is advisable to:
● Sign up for the newsletter to get alerts.
● Move your travel dates by a day or two when demand is lower.
● Book discounted flights.
● Stay in discounted hotels or with family and friends
● Carry your student ID to get discounts on hotels, train passes, and much more.
● Book flights 3–6 weeks in advance for domestic and 2–4 months for international flights to get cheap rates.
● Get more discounts during the off-peak season.

Promo codes are always available for both domestic and international flights. Unfortunately, if you get a plane ticket, it is non-transferable, you are the only one who can use it.

If you are wondering what fare is on Student Universe? Well, if you have logged in, you will see discounts on various flights, hotels, or car rentals. However, if you haven’t logged in you will see the normal fares. Therefore, discounts can easily be seen when logged in.

Additionally, once you book a flight you can always use the booking reference code to check your reservation on the airline’s website. With Student Universe, you are assured of getting your reservation.

Also, whenever a flight is canceled by the main airline, Student Universe always provides a notice immediately by email. If you are wondering what happens when your flight is canceled due to weather Student Universe, then you can be assured of getting a notification.

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How Does Student Universe Work?

It works by providing discounts to students so that they can experience the world by traveling for a discounted amount and living in discounted hotels. Therefore, students can’t have any excuse for not traveling.

i. Age Limit
Students have limited cashflows and some even rely on student loans to pay their fees, Therefore, the discounts go a long way in ensuring they still get a chance to travel and experience the world. Student Universe is mostly for youth between 15-25 and students.

ii. Requirements
However, some requirements must be checked to be sure of the eligibility of a certain service. There are some promo codes for students and youth, but every one of different ages can still get subsidized promo codes for their flights by just booking through the Student Universe platform.

iii. Create an Account
To use Student Universe, you first need to browse through the website to find some favorable deals. Once satisfied, it is advisable to create an account to get the promo code that allows you to get cheap flights, rental cars, or even hotels.

iv. Booking Flights
When booking flights you can either decide to book a flight on the specific airline platform or use an online travel agency like Student Universe. Student Universe offers cheaper deals when booking any of the airlines they have collaborated with.

Therefore, it becomes easier to book a flight even with minimal cash, use promo codes or just find discounts on the site that can be used. The sales are often during the holidays when students need to travel.

v. Displaying Tickets
Student Universe works by displaying tickets got from the global system that airlines use to display their flight information. Therefore, while booking with Student Universe it becomes easier to compare the costs in real-time.

vi. Processing
However, unlike when booking with the airline directly where the ticket is issued immediately, with Student Universe you will need to wait a bit as the ticket gets pulled from the major airline system.

However, it doesn’t take that long and confirmation details will be sent soon after. Luckily, you can never book a flight that is already fully occupied using Student Universe. You shouldn’t have any worries about what is Student Universe ticket procedure anymore.

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  1. Great Customer Service
    We always anticipate having great customer service. Therefore, you are assured that the Student Universe customer service is perfect. You will get your response in an instant regardless of your inquiry.

Therefore, if you want to confirm something, talking to Student Universe customer service would be best to do. They also handle any kind of complaints fast. However, certain issues may need a longer time to be solved. However, you can always be assured that the problem will be solved regardless of how long it will take. Therefore, any complaint can be solved in real-time as long as it is a genuine complaint.

  1. Discounted Flights
    One of the major advantages of Student Universe is discounted flights. Therefore, you get the best deals or promo codes that you can use to reduce the amount you would have paid on the official airline website. However, you need to be a student or youth in the age bracket.

However, even adults can get such limited deals in real time. However, to be on the safe side, you can always check with the official airline for ticket availability for your specific travel date, and once satisfied, book with Student Universe on their platform. Their discounts are amazing.

  1. Flash Sales
    Student Universe also offers flash sales once in a while. Therefore, you can always peek through the platform to see any kind of flash sales that they have at the moment. You may get more discounts on your already discounted flights. For example $10 – $40 together with the initial discount. Therefore, you get to save more.
  2. Genuine Prices
    Student Universe often showcases the discounted price on the platform. Therefore, you get to only pay for what you see. Luckily, you don’t have to worry that later on, you might get an email requiring you to pay more. Your booking will be genuine when you use Student Universe and you will get the same flight treatment on the airline based on whether you choose economy or business class.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry that your booking was canceled a day before since you used a different platform. The price you pay or the price given there will be more than enough.

There are no hidden charges at all not unless you decide to cancel a flight when it’s too near. The airline’s terms and conditions on the refund process will have to be adhered to. Therefore, it is important to book or cancel a flight beforehand.

  1. Schedule Flexibility
    Another major advantage of booking through Student Universe is flexible scheduling. You can easily evaluate the differences in the total price for departure and return dates. Therefore, you can easily budget what you will use for your flights. You can use the search feature to find the available flights and even the different available airlines.
  2. Safe Platform
    It is a safe platform, and you won’t have to worry about whether your flight has been booked as it should be. It is also so hard to be tricked while using the platform. Also, your credit information will be safe.

However, it is always advisable to have a specific credit card for online purchases that you only credit when you want to make a purchase. However, the Student Universe platform is safe, and you don’t have to worry at all.

  1. Easy Search Feature
    Student Universe offers a powerful search feature that allows you to check dates, locations, fare alerts, flash sales, and promo codes in real time. Therefore, these services will make it easier to know when is the best time to book and what you need to have so that you can get the discount.

What Is Student Universe Travel?

Student Universe travel is the opportunity to travel to any favorable destination with a discounted price, offer, or even promo codes.

Therefore, you will just need to pay a small amount so that you can cater to the remaining balance. You also get a chance to get discounted offers on some hotels, car rentals, and tours.

Therefore, you shouldn’t have any kind of excuse as to why you shouldn’t travel even if you are a student. These affordable rates are for you! However, you need to meet all the airline requirements so that you can travel.

Therefore, on the travel date, it is important to carry all the credentials needed to prevent any inconveniences or even missing your flight which will be non-refundable. Your flight or holiday will be ruined.

What Is Student Universe Pending?

In case you book a flight and find that it shows a pending status, be a little bit patient as the processing is being done on the airline side. Unlike on the airline website when the reservation is done immediately since this is a third-party website, the process might be a bit longer.
In case you feel that it is taking longer than expected, customer service will always be ready to listen to your query. Seldom will anything go wrong. That’s why it is important to provide the right credentials when creating an account on the platform to ensure that in case of anything you can always be contacted to prevent any inconveniences along the way.

Also, when creating an account, some verification must be made to ascertain that you are a student or youth below 26 years so that you can enjoy Student Universe benefits. However, the pending duration won’t take too long.

The pending status will end when the order has already been processed well on the airline. It may take a few minutes, but less than a day to get the confirmation which can be viewed on your account’s profile or get the email.

What Is The Student Universe Reservation Code

The Student Universe Reservation Code is the one that you get once you make a successful booking. Therefore, you can use it to check your reservation on the airline website to ascertain that the booking has already been done. The reservation code often has 6 characters, and you will need to provide the code when you check into the airport.

Also, you will need to provide the trip ID which is often a 12-digit numeric character for more verification. Every passenger is unique, and you can never have the same reservation code as someone else. Therefore, you need to keep it safe so that you can provide it when asked.

Student Universe is just like an intermediary to your booking, however, the airline will have your complete details, therefore you won’t have to worry about a thing. You should now have a better overview of what is a major airline Student Universe. As a student. You should never have any excuses for not travelling if you have little savings.


Student Universe has been in existence for many years, and you are assured that its services are top-notch and have improved over time.

Therefore, you can be assured that in case you decide to indulge to get their service you will get nothing but the best.
It is also advisable to book directly with the airline if you think you might change the flight date and the cancellation fee is more favorable than through the Student Universe platform.

You can also check whether the airlines are offering their personalized cheap rates or flash sales.

Student Universe will always offer you the discount you need and even allows you to get discounts on hotels or even tours. However, you should always do your research to know what suits you best.

Questions and Answers

Can I book a flight through StudentUniverse?
Yes, of course you can book a flight through your student account.

Is StudentUniverse canada legit?
Yes, it is legitimate in Canada and all transactions can be done through your official account.