Are you a student looking to save money on your favorite brands? Have you heard of Student Beans but need to figure out what it is and how it works?
Well, you’re in luck!

It’s okay to think it is some college food; the name doesn’t help. But it offers a lot more than some random student bean delicacy. So what is it?
Student Beans is a popular student discount platform that offers exclusive deals and discounts from some of the world’s most popular brands. Whether you’re in the market for new clothes, tech gadgets, or entertainment, it can help you save on the things you need during your school stay.

Student Beans is a free platform that provides student discounts, deals, and offers to college and university students. It is an online marketplace that connects students with brands and retailers that offer exclusive discounts and promotions. The platform was founded in 2005 by two university students who wanted to help their peers save money on their purchases. Today, Student Beans operates in over 50 countries, partnering with over 600 brands to offer discounts to students worldwide.

Student Beans partners with industry brands, including major league baseball teams, airlines, and beauty brands. Gen Z consumers are unique and valuable; they are digitally connected, financially aware, and have a vast selection of shopping options.
Many brands are recognizing the potential of this audience and developing strategies to appeal to them. And Student Beans, with over 16 years of experience in student marketing, helps brands make a lasting impression on Gen Z students.

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The company seeks partnerships with brands that align with its values and resonate with the student demographic. They also have an affiliate publisher network that promotes exclusive student discounts from partner brands, with commissions shared for every sale.

To protect the profit margins of the different brands they work with, Student Beans uses advanced technology to detect and prevent fraudulent behavior from non-students. Only verified students can access exclusive incentives, allowing brands to target and build rapport with the Gen Z audience. This creates a future goldmine, as student revenue will increase with time, and they will develop long-term brand loyalty.

This article will explore everything you need to know about Student Beans. We will help you understand how it works, what a Student Beans account is, what a Student Beans ID is, whether it is free to use, whether it is only for university students, and some other burning questions.

So, if you’re ready to start saving money and getting amazing discounts while studying, let me introduce you to Student Beans!

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How Does Student Beans Work?

Student Beans connects students with brands and retailers offering discounts and promotions. To access these discounts, students must create a free account on the platform.

To create this account, students need to follow the sign-up process where they are to provide details, and create a username and password that is unique to them, one they can easily remember. Once they have signed up, they can browse the available discounts and offers and then click on the ones they want to use.

Once you have created an account, you must verify your student status by providing your email address or uploading a document proving you are a current student. This can be a valid student ID card, a letter from your educational institution, or any other document that confirms your active student status.

Once your student status is verified, you can browse the discounts and deals on the Student Beans platform. These discounts are exclusively available to students and range from 10% to 50% off the retail price.

When students click on a discount offer, they will be directed to the brand’s website, where they can complete their purchase. At checkout, they will be prompted to enter their Student Beans ID to verify their student status and claim their discount. The discount will then be applied to their purchase, saving them money on their order.

Some popular brands that offer discounts through Student Beans include Apple, ASOS, and Nike.

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What is Student Beans Account?

A Student Beans account is a free account that students can create on the Student Beans platform. It allows students to access exclusive discounts and offers from over 600 brands and other benefits such as free giveaways, competitions, and student guides.
To create a Student Beans account, students must provide basic information such as their name, email address, and university details.

They will also need to verify their student status by providing their university email address or uploading proof of their enrollment. After the submission has been made, this information is verified and the details are ascertained before any further action is taken.

After creating a Student Beans account, students can browse the available discounts and offers and use them to save money on their purchases. They can also customize their profile and receive personalized recommendations based on their interests and preferences. And if you have any favorite discounts or deals, you can always save them and come for them later.

What is a Student Beans ID?

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A Student Beans ID is a unique identification number that students can use to verify their student status when claiming discounts on the Student Beans platform. It is a 9-digit code that is assigned to each student when they create a Student Beans account, and no two codes can be the same. This digital ID lets you access student discounts and deals from various brands and retailers.

To use your Student Beans ID, you must enter it at the checkout when purchasing on a participating brand or retailer’s website. The discount will subsequently reflect on your purchase. Generally, for verification, you have online verification, in-store verification, and app verification.

  • Online verification

Student beans use conversion optimization to secure and verify over 160 million college and university students worldwide. With the comprehensive online verification process, the student offers available in the online store can only be accessed by eligible individuals. Numerous commerce brands, like Samsung, Amazon, boohoo, and, approve of their conversion optimization to record genuine students and add them to their marketing plans.

Some benefits of e-commerce conversion optimization include plug-and-play real-time verification technology. This instantly transforms browsing students into future loyal paying customers. Businesses can easily create an online database of students so that when they’re experiencing financial independence, they can grow a loyal customer base.

  • In-store verification

Popular in-store brands like McDonald’s utilize the Student Beans iD technology and Madame Tussauds to ensure that only genuine students can access student offers. The technology also includes a unique local feature that helps these brands garner and convert nearby students.

Using in-store verification technology, brands increase awareness among local college and university students. This leads to increased footfall and sales from students across campuses.

  • App verification

Modern-day students are proficient in navigating various digital platforms, making their shopping experiences multi-faceted. This is particularly true for Gen Z, who naturally express an increasing trend in retail app usage. Student Beans takes advantage of this by using the app verification process.

App Connect verification offers several advantages, including hassle-free redemption of student discounts, secure and instant verification of app users, and a smoother purchase process. And as a student, your transactions are stored for you, so you can revisit them anytime and make a similar purchase.

Moving on, when students use their ID to claim a discount, the brand or retailer will verify their student status to ensure they are eligible for the discount. This often involves checking the student’s enrollment status with their university or college or verifying their identity with their university email address.

You can find your Student Beans ID in the “My Account” section of the platform or by clicking on the “Get Code” button next to the discount you want to use.

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Is Student Beans Only for University Students?

One of the major questions many users continue to ask revolves around whether Student Beans is exclusively available to university or college students. No, Student Beans is not only for university students.

Although it is primarily aimed at college and university students, but it is not exclusive to them. The platform also offers discounts and promotions to other types of students, such as high school students, postgraduate students, and vocational students.

However, the availability and eligibility of discounts may vary depending on the student’s location and educational status.

What is Student Beans Discount?

Student Beans is a student discount platform that offers exclusive discounts and deals for several college and university students. It has partnerships with multiple brands across various categories, enabling it to provide amazing discounts.

The discounts offered on the platform vary from brand to brand but typically range from 10% to 50% off the regular price.

To access the discounts, students must sign up for a free Student Beans account and verify their student status by providing their institution’s email address. Once verified, students can browse the discounts available on the platform and redeem them online or in-store.
One of the unique features of Student Beans is that it also offers a referral program, allowing students to earn cashback for referring their friends to the platform.

Additionally, Student Beans partners with universities and student unions to offer exclusive discounts and deals to their students, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to save money while studying.

Is a Student Beans Account Free?

Yes, a Student Beans account is free to create. To access these discounts, students must sign up for a Student Beans account, which is free to create.

However, to create a Student Beans account, students need to provide their basic personal details, such as their name, email address, date of birth, and student status. This can be verified using their academic email address or through a verification process with their institution.

After creation and verification, students can access various discounts and deals on products and services, including fashion, technology, travel, and more. In addition to providing access to exclusive student discounts, Student Beans also offers various features, such as a student blog, career advice, and a community forum where students can exchange ideas and share experiences among themselves.

It is important to note that while the Student Beans account is free, some of the discounts and deals offered on the platform may require students to purchase or meet certain eligibility criteria. However, the platform clearly outlines these requirements, and students can opt in or out of any deal or discount as per their preference.

What Information is Needed for Student Beans?

To create a Student Beans account, students must provide personal information such as their name, email address, date of birth, and gender. They will also be asked to create a password and choose a username.

These are used in addition to a valid student email, an ID card, a tuition fee statement, or a letter from their school or university as proof of enrollment in an eligible educational institution.

During post-verification, Student Beans uses student info to provide a favorable range of discounts and deals from different retailers and brands. Students can browse the available offers and choose the ones that interest them. However, some offers may require a promo code, which can be obtained through the Student Beans platform.

It’s important to note that Student Beans are only available to students enrolled in an eligible educational institution.

The eligibility criteria may vary depending on the country and region, so checking the specific information requirements before signing up is important. Additionally, the discounts and deals offered through Student Beans vary depending on the location and availability.

Questions and Answers

Is Student Beans or UNiDAYS better?

For me both of these applications are good. The main thing is to understand what you need them for.

Is student beans free to join?

Yes, that’s right, registration is free.

What country is student beans from?

This organization was founded in 2005 in the UK.