Converse is a registered and notable American brand known for marketing, distributing, and licensing footwear, apparel, and accessories. The lifestyle brand offers discounts on its products occasionally for students, military, and others. Its portfolio includes products from Star Chevron, All-Star, One Star, Cons, and Jack Purcell trademarks. If you want to buy from the brand and are wondering if it offers a discount presently, keep reading to find out.

Every Converse lover enjoys the classics while appreciating the option to stand out. With Converse, you can personally select products to express your style preferences. Let’s learn more about this brand’s history, shoes, and if it is as good as they say. This guide provides a comprehensive analysis for anyone who is using or wants to use the student discount available on Converse. All information about: Spotify Student Discount.

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What Is a Converse Shoes? Are They Any Good?

Converse shoes are good-quality footwear originally designed for basketball, which makes them excellent for powerlifting and weightlifting. The design features a flat rubber sole that enforces correct posture and lets you push off the ground more easily. They are great shoes for exercises like squats and deadlifts and are simple and aesthetically pleasing enough for day-to-day wear. One thing that makes the shoes a favorite is their stability and comfort.

Converse shoes feature a lightweight, simple canvas design that ensures easy lifting, not weighing your feet down. The shoes mimic a barefoot experience and are more flexible, so many prefer them, especially for students who have to move around often to keep up with classes and other extracurricular activities.

Regarding durability, Converse shoes are made with high-quality materials, making them some of the most durable on the market; with this, you can own and use these shoes for as long as you can maintain them. They last between twelve and forty-eight months, depending on the footfall and how you use them. While a year to four years is the standard, there have been cases of those who wore them for longer. Naturally, if you want the shoes to last longer, you will properly care for them by keeping them dry, for instance.

Another cool thing about Converse shoes is that they are easy to clean, unlike most trail running shoes. One of the best ways to preserve their integrity and make them last longer is by cleaning them at least once a month. Also, Converse shoes are very breathable, made with a canvas fabric that allows air circulation. That means the shoes are very good on sweaty days as less moisture will build up in the shoe’s central compartment.

Converse shoes have been around since the early 20th century, and they have remained relevant ever since. The logo and canvas style have survived trends, and the shoe has no intention of retiring. All information about: Nike Student Discount.

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Converse History: How Did the Lifestyle Brand Come About?

Marquis Mills Converse founded Converse in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts, originally as Converse Rubber Company. It started with practical and functional footwear like tennis shoes, galoshes, and leather duck-hunting boots. However, the brand wasn’t just about shoes; as the name suggests, it was about anything you could make with rubber, including automobile tires. In 1916, twenty-five years after the invention of basketball, Converse threw its hat into the ring of sports footwear options.

By 1917, Converse’s basketball line was now a year old; the line was introduced; it quickly made waves during WWI. This was also the time of the Spanish flu, meaning the timing couldn’t be any more imperfect. Still, the Massachusetts-based company turned its attention to the new sport gaining traction and taking the state by storm.

Converse’s All-Star basketball sneakers were certainly not the first or the brand’s earliest foray into the market. It did, however, boast some features that made it stand out among the competitors, giving it an edge. These features included the heel patch on the inner rather than the outer to protect players’ ankle bones. However, the real bedrock of the design was the diamond tread pattern, which is still present today.

In 1923, Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor, a basketball player, entered Converse with a complaint of sore feet. The brand made him an ambassador and salesman, and he helped promote the shoes around the US. In 1932, Converse added Taylor’s signature to the All-Star patch on the sneakers; he continued working for Converse until 1969 when he died.

During World War II, Converse manufactured military outerwear, rubberized footwear, and protective suits. After the war ended, it returned to producing athletic footwear, almost exclusively making black or white high-top shoes. Converse produced a low-cut sneaker style in 1962, and by 1966, it started making the shoe in school colors.

Converse began manufacturing sporting goods and industrial products by the early 1970s. In 1972, the brand was acquired by Eltra Corporation, which was later acquired by Allied Corporation in 1979. However, as new competitors like Nike, Puma, and Adidas grew in popularity in the ’70s, Converse lost its athletic shoe monopoly. Things began going downhill until the brand filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

In 2003, Nike acquired Converse and, around 2010, re-launched its footwear line and expanded it to include apparel and accessories, just like its other brands. It has since revolutionized the brand, bringing back the glory it lost for a while. Today, Converse has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, with more than 100 stores in the United States and 63 stores worldwide.

Today, Converse has over 100 years of experience in the industry and has many styles to choose from. From high tops and slip-ons to sandals and boots, the brand offers a wide range of products. Useful information about: Target Student Discount.

Does Converse Have Student Discount and How Can You Get It?

If you are shopping Converse items online, you will find that redeeming the brand’s codes is as easy as finding them. If you order on the website, Converse offers a special student discount on its shoes.

The discount applies if you buy at any Converse Retail Store, but only in the United States. Furthermore, the discount applies to qualified merchandise only; you cannot use it with any other discount like the employee discount.

If you are a college or university student in the United States, you can take advantage of the 10% discount on the website. You can only use the discount code once, and you must prove your eligibility before you can use the code. Furthermore, the discount is not transferable or redeemable for credit, cash, or toward purchases you previously made. Only college and university students in the US are eligible for student discount Converse.

Although you can only use a discount link once, you still get a 10% discount every time you shop on the website. The only catch is that you must re-verify your eligibility each time you do.

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How to Get Student Discount on Converse In The Best Possible Way

The easiest way to get a student discount on Converse is to ensure you have a UNiDAYS account. The student discount is available to all students in the United States, whether you’re studying part-time, full-time, or through distance learning.

Head on to the special discount page to get the standard 10% student discount on Converse. Verify your academic ID or email address on the website, after which you will receive instructions with your unique code. You can verify your student status in your shopping cart or in Step 2 of Checkout. The site will ask you for some necessary credentials, which you must provide to confirm that you’re indeed a student.

Converse uses SheerID, a third-party verification service, to verify your eligibility for the student discount. It is the only online partner the brand uses to verify eligibility. SheerID is a third-party site offering verification services by asking you to present or upload documents. These documents include school-issued documentation showing your first and last names, school names, and current enrollment dates.

SheerID will review the date of your enrollment, not the view or print date, and future terms are not accepted. The site reviews the documents in the order in which it receives them or the order you upload them. Within twenty minutes after uploading the documents, you will be contacted via email, which will contain further instructions regarding your verification request. In the email, you will know if you have been successfully verified or if your documents are incomplete.

Meanwhile, it is extremely rare to be able to prove you’re a student, particularly if you are. The platform accepts official documentation from eligible US academic institutions, including your class schedule, tuition receipt, and transcript. If you are an eligible US school student, you should possess a document the site can verify. Once SheerID has reviewed the documents you upload and your student status has been successfully verified, you will get your discount code. Find out about discounts for: HBO Max.

How to Apply Converse Student Discount Code on Your Orders

It is one thing to have a discount code and another to know how to use it. If you have a student discount for Converse, then you need to apply them when you make orders. Otherwise, the discount will not apply, and you will be paying everyone else’s normal price. Thankfully, no special process is involved in applying the student discount code on Converse when making orders.

You can typically apply the promo code at checkout or in your cart. When you decide what to purchase on the website, add it to your cart and checkout. At the checkout, before you click on the purchase icon, ensure you include your promotional code in the box of your shopping bag. You can apply this code to your order at the Billing stage (step 2) or Order Confirmation stage (step 3).

Otherwise, you can apply the promotional code to your cart under the Cart Summary. Look for and click on the expandable box that reads “ADD PROMO CODE.” Wait for the box to expand, enter the promotional code, and select “APPLY.” Ensure you have a valid student discount code; if it is valid, then the relevant discount will reflect on your order.

If the code is invalid, it is the same as not including any discount code in your shopping bag. Meanwhile, the most common reason the discount code would be invalid is the expired promotion. Discounts and other promotional offers are typically conducted for a limited time, and it’s the same with Converse’s student discount. That means if the time allotted for the promotion has ended, you cannot obtain a discount on the code.

But what if you forgot to apply a promotion code to your order and already sent it? Don’t panic; that can be remedied in a few simple steps. You cannot cancel your order once it has been fulfilled or shipped, starting a few minutes after placing it. The quick order processing time ensures the brand can deliver orders on time.

Therefore, do not cancel the order if you forgot to apply your student discount code. Instead, contact the customer support team and provide the order number and promotion code. They will review your request and reply within twenty-four hours and honor the promotional code if applicable.

Applying the Wrong Discount Code: How to Remove Student Discount on Converse

Some promotions and discounts are product-specific; they will only apply to certain products. Perhaps, you realized that you had typed in the wrong discount code. You can remove or change the discount code by following the steps below:

  • To remove the promotional code, go to the “apply promo code” field in your cart and select “remove.” You will remove a message that the discount has been successfully removed from your order. Note that once you remove the code and proceed to make your order, you will be charged the usual price for the product.
  • If you mistakenly provided the wrong promo code, you can change it instead of removing it altogether. For instance, you meant to put the welcome discount but supplied the student discount code instead. Go to the “apply promo code” section, remove the code you previously provided, put in the correct one, and select “apply.” Meanwhile, only the higher discount will be applied if you enter multiple discount codes in your order.
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Major Reasons Why Converse Student Discount Not Working

There are a few reasons why your Converse student discount code is not working or applying to your orders.

The first is that you did not enter the right code, or you entered it incorrectly. Also, the discount code will not work if it has expired, which is now invalid. If you entered the discount code correctly and you are sure the promotional offer is still on, it’s time to re-read the terms and conditions.

On the terms and conditions, you will find that some promo codes exclude certain products. Therefore, another reason the code may not work could be that it is not valid for that specific item in your cart.

If your promotional code is not working, ensure you check that the product meets the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the Converse student discount include the following:

  • The discount is only valid online; it will not work if used anywhere else;
  • The code is valid for one month from the day it was issued and may take up to twenty-four hours to be emailed;
  • The student code is only valid for 10% off and will not work with any other offer;
  • You cannot use the Converse student code on gift card purchases;
  • You can only apply the code to selected styles; exclusions apply;
  • The code is not valid on any product listed as “limited edition,” whether sneakers or clothing;
  • You cannot transfer or redeem the code for credit, cash, or towards previous purchases;
  • You cannot redeem the code retroactively; it must be applied during your purchase, either at checkout or in your cart;
  • The code will not work if you use it in conjunction with any other promotional code; and
  • Converse can modify or cancel the offer at any time and at its discretion.

If you have run your product against these terms and conditions and it meets them, you’re still having trouble with the code. Contact the brand’s customer support team for one-on-one discussions and solutions.


Converse is a lifestyle brand with over a century of experience making high-quality footwear.

The brand has different footwear styles, including slip-ons and its timeless Chuck Taylor styles. Besides its high-quality footwear, the brand is known for its promotional offers and discounts. So, the big question is: does Converse do student discount? Converse offers student discounts; it currently offers a 10% student discount on its website for college and university students in the US.

To get the discount code, simply go to the page and verify your student status through SheerID. Verification is simple; you only need a school-issued document showing your name and date of current enrolment. Once SheerID has verified your status, you will get your discount c

Questions and Answers

How is the student discount from Converse available?
When you sign up for your account, you will be able to see the individual discount percentage for you.

How to put discount on Converse?

You need to enter the actual promo code into the system and pass the next stage of authorization.